13 Apr 18
A Brief History of Correlation
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While modern products such as PermaNET+ and Touch Pro are compact and effective, the original leak noise correlators were anything but compact! 

Over time, correlation technology has developed significantly.  In 1979, almost 40 years ago, Palmer Environmental (now part of HWM) developed their first leak noise correlator in collaboration with the Water Research Council.  An orange metal case containing a heavy, complicated correlator that was so bulky that it would often fill the entire storage space in a leak inspectors van!

At HWM we have an example of one of the first Palmer leak correlators in our new Customer Excellence Centre and visitors are always surprised when they see the original correlator and compare it to modern devices.

After the privatisation of the water industry in the late 1980’s more emphasis was placed on the detection of leaks.  As one of only two major developers of correlators in the UK, Palmer Environmental led the way in technology development and produced the Corr device.  The other major developer, Reten Acoustics produced the Elan and Aquatec ranges.

In 1995, Palmer Environmental and Reten Acoustics merged and this combined expertise, as well as improvements in technology encouraged the development of smaller, quicker and more accurate correlators.  The Corr was followed by the MicroCorr and eventually the MicroCorr Super correlator.

Further developments and releases followed (MicroCorr 4, 5 and 6) including MircoCall, the first PC based correlator, but in 2001 Palmer changed the game with the next generation MicroCorr Digital, the world’s first fully digital correlator.

With sensor frequencies 10 times lower than the MicroCorr 6, improved filters and a tri-correlation option, the MicroCorr Digital set the precedent for digital correlation devices.

In 2010 Palmer Environmental merged with a company called Radcom and became HWM.  Later that year HWM once again set a correlation precedent in launching the MicroCorr Touch, the world’s first touch screen correlator.  MicroCorr Touch represented a major innovation in correlation technology, introducing advanced features and setting new levels of performance.

The Touch Pro, the most recent addition to the MircoCorr product family is our most advance MicroCorr correlator and combines almost 40 years of experience, development and history.

Since the original correlator almost 40 years ago technology has advanced hugely.  The MicroCorr product range has led the way, but we’ve been able to use this technology in our HWM correlators including PermaLog and PCorr+.

At HWM we’re excited by the possibilities going forward and intend to continue to lead the way in leak noise correlation.

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