Multilog 2 WW

Built to withstand the corrosive conditions encountered within waste water environments, Multilog 2 WW is specifically designed to be compatible with a wide variety of third-party sensors, including RavenEye, MicroFlow-i, dBi and VEGAPULS.

Including four sensor connections and delivering up to 8 logging channels, Multilog 2 WW is highly versatile and is suitable for a wide array of applications, including depth, flow and quality data logging, battery telemetry for third party radar depth and velocity sensors and Modbus sensor telemetry.

Designed specifically for non-ATEX applications, Multilog 2 WW is housed in a drop tested non-metallic casing and has non-metallic connectors to prevent against corrosion in harsh environments.


A highly-compatible, self-powered data logger that benefits from our advanced modem for dependable connectivity, Multilog 2 WW is the ideal solution for non-ATEX environmental and waste water monitoring.

  • Telemetry: NBIoT/LTE-M based cellular communication as standard with fallback 2G capability
  • Serial and analogue input option: for connection to SonicSens 3 ultrasonic level sensor, internal or external pressure transducers, active/passive 4-20mA, voltage, digital pulses, Modbus, SDI12
  • 4 channel logging: up to 8 channels
  • Alarm: highly configurable alarms
  • Robust: drop tested plastic housing and connectors to prevent corrosion in harsh environments
  • Statistical logging: max, min, average and standard dev recording available
  • State Event recording: for precise recording of events like float trigger or rain gauge
  • Bulgin antennas: support improved signal strength - contact HWM for details of our wide-ranging options
  • Local data download: 6 pin military plug connected to laptop or desktop PC
  • Fully waterproof: the IP68 rating has been tested at 10m depth over a 24 hour period
  • Control outputs: replicated pulse inputs or trigger on alarm, allows operation of third-party sensors, e.g. water samplers
  • Long-term monitoring: 5 year battery life
  • External battery option: external battery input to support accelerated dial-in or powering of third party sensors
  • Remote upgrades: firmware and programming changes made remotely for efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Secondary channel: enables additional fast logging down to 25Hz

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