25 Apr 19
New test rig demonstrates HWM’s commitment to product development
Test Rig

The continued accuracy of our products and technologies is something that is very important to us at HWM.  The products we develop are designed to help save precious natural resources and we take this responsibility seriously.

In our commitment to ensuring quality and accuracy, we are pleased to announce the successful installation of a complex test rig at Ty Coch, our head office in Cwmbran, South Wales.

The test rig, which was developed to meet our own specifications, is built in three parts and allows the replication of a variety of network conditions.  Our team of engineers and technical specialists use the testing rig to support development of new technologies and to test upgrades of current products.

The rig boasts a scaled-down clean water network that replicates the transfer of water from a reservoir to a district metered area (DMA) and back, which is used to develop and test pressure monitoring solutions.  Included in this network is examples of a variety of different valves, allowing us to test and refine the effectiveness of our products on each.

Our testing rig also contains a Tilting Flume which is designed to mimic waste water flow in both sewer and open channels.  As well as supporting development of flow measuring technologies, this specific function has been successful in helping us to test compatibility with third party products such as MetriNet and RAVEN-EYE.

A water tank has also been included in the test rig to support the development of level, depth and float switch technologies.

The successful installation of the new test rig is a welcome addition to our testing and development facility, which also includes our industry-renowned external leak test site.

Our leak site is an underground network of pipes and valves designed to simulate leaks and generate authentic leak noise.  The network is built using pipes in a variety of materials and diameters, providing a wide array of testing opportunities.

While our technical teams use the leak site for product development, it is also a great facility to help train customers in both product installation and leak noise detection.

The investment we have made in upgrading our testing facilities highlights our commitment to developing the next generation of network monitoring equipment.  We aim to continue this investment, ensuring the accuracy and quality of every product we make.


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