02 Jun 21
Introducing: Multilog 2 WW
Multilog 2 WW

HWM is pleased to announce the launch of Multilog 2 WW, our new LTE-M and NBIoT-enabled data logger, which is designed for environmental and waste applications where ATEX certification is not required.


“Multilog 2 WW is an advanced and robust solution for waste water monitoring applications.  Built using materials able to withstand the corrosive conditions encountered within waste water environments, Multilog 2 WW offers a flexible communication platform with multiple inputs and is compatible with a variety of different sensors”.

Tim Hackwell, Head of Waste Water Sales, HWM.


Including four sensor connections and delivering up to 8 logging channels, Multilog 2 WW is highly versatile and is suitable for a wide array of applications, including depth, flow and quality data logging, battery telemetry for third party radar depth and velocity sensors and Modbus sensor telemetry.

Multilog 2 WW is equipped with our advanced modem that is capable of connecting via LTE-M or NBIoT, but is also supported by a 2G fallback should LTE-M or NBIoT connection not be available.  With multiple connectivity options, our modem provides dependable data telemetry as well as ensuring future-proofing in the rapidly evolving cellular landscape.

Designed specifically for non-ATEX applications, Multilog 2 WW is housed in a drop tested non-metallic casing and has non-metallic connectors to prevent against corrosion in harsh environments.  Multilog 2 WW is also IP68 rated, so is fully waterproof at a depth of 10 meters.


For more information about Multilog 2 WW and its multiple applications please click here.


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