29 Apr 22
Invenio Systems/HWM collaboration with Welsh Water wins Ofwat innovation competition
Invenio Welsh Water

WM and our colleagues at Invenio Systems are delighted to be working with Welsh Water and a selected group of partners on a project that has won Ofwat’s Water Breakthrough Challenge.

Water companies in England and Wales have Ofwat targets to reduce leakage by 15% in the current planning period to March 2025.  Customers and regulators seek a downward trend in leakage which is seen as wasted water; but more importantly wasted power and chemicals for treatment and distribution, adding C02 emissions, impacting the challenge of achieving net-zero carbon, and adding to environmental water abstractions impacting ecology.

The problem is c.50% of leakage is due to Background Leakage; defined as the sum of small leaks below a detectable threshold; generally accepted that it can’t be reduced.

However, we believe some Background Leakage comes from old long-running leaks, not detected by current methods.

This project aims to redefine the detectable limit of leakage to help pinpoint and repair hidden leaks and other factors contributing to background leakage.

This benefits customers by creating more sustainable ways of reducing leakage, avoiding increased environmental water abstractions if future leakage targets can’t be met by current means.


“In this strategically important project for the water industry, we will challenge accepted wisdom regarding the nature of leakage in distribution systems. If we are successful in finding long-running leaks that have avoided detection, we potentially create new sustainable ways of meeting long-term aspirations to halve leakage at lower cost”

Stuart Trow – Director, Invenio Systems


For more information about the Ofwat Water Innovation Challenge please click here.


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