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Spillages and pollution incidents that result from sewer blockages can have devastating consequences, particularly when these incidents happen customer-side.

Cleaning up these incidents can be expensive, and additionally, every time a customer calls in to report an overspill (either CSO or SSO) it has an impact on the water company’s Output Delivery Incentives (ODIs), which if not achieved will lead to strict financial penalties.

At HWM, we have pioneered intelligent technology to help you monitor and prevent surcharge and spill events, ensuring cost-effective compliance and damage limitation.



Event duration monitoring at Combined sewer overflows

When deployed to conduct Event Duration Monitoring at Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO), SonicSens 3 alerts to surcharges, reporting event occurrence, time and duration, and because it avoids contact with its environment there is little need for scheduled maintenance.

ATEX (Zone 0) certified for use in hazardous environments, SonicSens 3 is dependable and, when paired with our ATEX Battery Pack, can deliver accelerated sample rates and increased dial-in frequency whilst maintaining a five-year battery life.


small sewer/customer-side incident prevention monitoring

Installed at a critical height in a chamber, SpillSens uses digital positioning technology to monitor sewer levels constantly and effectively.  Programmed with three alert levels, SpillSens indicates green when conditions are normal, amber when levels are rising and red when critical levels are reached.

Ideal for Incident Prevention Monitoring, SpillSens supports compliance with Outcome Delivery Incentives and helps protect the environment by reducing pollution incidents.

ATEX (Zone 0) certified, SpillSens is dependable and, when paired with our ATEX Battery Pack, can deliver accelerated sample rates and increased dial-in frequency whilst maintaining a five-year battery life.


Alternatively, RadarSens uses radar sensing technology to deliver cost-effective, battery-powered level monitoring.

Developed to identify spillages before they happen, RadarSens is an ideal mass-deployment solution for reducing the risk of pollution incidents and positively impacting on ODI's.

Intrinsically-safe, RadarSens has been developed to ensure a 'right first time' deployment, with a variety of wall brackets available, a laser alignment tool and compatibility with our Deployment App.

When paired with our Intelligens WW datalogger, both SpillSens and RadarSens can achieve a two-minute log rate, which is in compliance with the EDM requirements set out by the Environment Agency.

Additionally, with multiple channels available, Intelligens can significantly improve the options for data redundancy.  Pairing a non-contact HWM sensor like SonicSens or RadarSens with a pressure transducer (PT), or similar that is always submerged, provides an alternative source of data which will help guarantee data redundancy and guard against penalties for incomplete data


multi-parameter telemetry data logging

At the heart of all of our flexible monitoring systems is always a reliable, ATEX-certified telemetry data logger.

HWM has developed a range of multi-application data logging solutions to support our clients in efficiently monitoring their networks.  Whether for preventing surcharges and spill events, or for CSO or customer-side small sewer monitoring, HWM can deliver a dependable data logging solution.

Each of our data loggers is battery-powered, meaning that they can be installed anywhere, without requirement for ATEX-compliant mains power connections. This self-reliance makes our data loggers particularly suitable for challenging sewer environments.

For consistent, low-powered data transmission, each of our data loggers benefits from our advanced modem, which is capable of connecting via NBIoT and LTE-M. Fully roaming, our SIM connects to the strongest network available to deliver data, and can even roam cellular technology generations, so it an NBIoT signal is not achievable then the strongest available 2G connection is made.




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