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HWM has recently been working with our partners in Northern Ireland – C&F Quadrant (NI) Ltd to resolve an issue with a large heating installation for a Government building in Northern Ireland.

C&F Quadrant (NI) Ltd, which is based in Belfast, is a commercial heating equipment distributor with an in-house engineering team to assist projects ranging from gas detection, boilers, commercial pumps and remote logging systems supply and commissioning.  The company which also has offices and warehouses in Dublin serve residential, commercial and industrial sectors across all of Ireland.

C&F Quadrant (NI) Ltd had ongoing issues with a recently supplied boiler replacement within a Government building.  The boiler plant continually gave problems with boiler lockouts and various site visits by the engineering team could find no fault with any equipment supplied.  Other options were investigated and the gas supply company was contacted to assess the meter operation but this report came back with no issues.

On a site visit it was noted by the engineering team that the gas meter was showing signs of 'hunting' and a fluctuation of gas pressure was present.  At this point the HWM Intelligens PRS logger was installed downstream of the meter to gather the pressure data.

HWM recommended its portable, ATEX approved, Intelligens PRS logger as it has been developed to remotely monitor gas network pressures.  The logger can be left in-situ and can easily be programmed remotely to log and transmit the data to a user defined logging regime.  By setting alarm limits, the user is alerted as soon as the gas pressure falls outside their predefined thresholds.

C&F Quadrant (NI) Ltd used the Intelligens PRS logger to monitor the incoming gas supply pressure to the installation.  Within a matter of days the Intelligens logger highlighted an intermittent fall in gas pressure which caused the boilers to shut down as they did not have the required pressure to function.

As a result of using the Intelligens PRS logger the problem was identified as a faulty gas meter.  The meter was replaced by the supply company and the heating installation was returned to full capacity.


To download the digital version of this case study please click here.

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