PE Water Supply and Sewerage Skopje

PE Water Supply and Sewerage Skopje 


HWM and JUTILITEK, the approved supplier of HWM products in North Macedonia, recently solved a problem PE Water & Sewerage was experiencing with flooded sewers.

During heavy rainfall events, flooding often occurred in urban areas of Skopje, affecting large numbers of residents in North Macedonia’s most populated city. 

The flooding was not only affecting residents, but was also risking damage to water pumps. This required teams from PE Water Supply and Sewerage Skopje to make many costly, unscheduled visits to pump sites to check that electricity was running to the pumps and that they were still working correctly.

When it became clear that the current monitoring system in place was insufficient, PE Water Supply and Sewerage Skopje turned to JUTILITEK for support.

In conjunction with HWM, JUTILITEK recommended a digital solution for monitoring the electricity supply to the pumps. Multilog 2 was installed to constantly measure the electricity current and voltage to the pumps, providing PE Water Supply and Sewerage Skopje with the ability to check that pumps were powered and operating correctly in flood events.

As well as being a cost-effective solution, Multilog 2 was chosen as it has up to 8 different channels for data logging, meaning multiple inputs can be recorded at once.

The ability to automatically transmit logged data from Multilog 2 to DataGate, HWM’s

web-based viewing platform, is another reason why Multilog 2 was chosen for this project.

As part of this solution, HWM and JUTILITEK suggested that SonicSens be installed with Multilog 2, to provide an early warning should there be a risk of a flood event occurring.

SonicSens uses ultrasonic an electronic pulse to measure water levels and has remote alarm capabilities built in, providing real-time alerts should water be recorded above a specified level.

The primary benefit to PE Water Supply and Sewerage Skopje of using SonicSens is that real-time alarms facilitate faster response times, lessening the impact on residents.

As explained by the Project Lead for HWM, Steve Grainger:

Combining these two HWM products created a bespoke solution that met all of the customers necessary criteria.”

PE Water Supply and Sewerage Skopje now has a variety of data to constantly monitor the effectiveness of their pumps, while simultaneously having confidence in receiving early warnings should water levels rise in their sewers”.

The installation of a combination of both Multilog 2 and SonicSens has proven to be so successful in this case that PE Water Supply and Sewerage Skopje are looking into rolling the solution out to other sites within their network.


To download the digital version of this case study please click here.

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