Gas Networks

gas networks

The ability to collect detailed and accurate data from monitoring points within the gas distribution has long been a requirement of network operators. In the past, conventional telemetry was utilised at critical sites such as pressure reduction stations, governors or critical points. However, the lack of on-site power and the high costs associated with installation of fixed lines meant that these sites were restricted to a relatively small number of sites scattered over a wide geographical area.  The advent of cost-effective mobile technology and the associated growth of communication networks is an excellent opportunity to develop an advanced monitoring infrastructure.

HWM have been at the forefront of the development of low power data loggers with integral remote communication for over 15 years. This technology has been adopted by utility companies worldwide for a wide range of applications.

Intelligens is an advanced range of intrinsically safe data loggers with integrated GSM or 3G remote communication that delivers accurate data from a variety of monitoring points across the entire gas distribution network. The units can be fitted with multiple pressure sensors in addition to temperature, digital and serial inputs. The user configurable logging rate and standard daily data transmission allows a 5-year battery life, whilst the advanced alarm regime allows for increased sample rate and accelerated data transmission. For applications which require near real time data updates an external power option is available which allows for 15 minute data transmission frequency.


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