Ensuring the resilience and reliability of your EDM data

In order to comply with Environment Agency regulations, wastewater companies are dependent on resilient and reliable Event Duration Monitoring (EDM) data.  With the potential for significant financial penalties for non-compliance, the accuracy and consistency of this data is crucial.

At HWM we have designed a variety of flexible monitoring systems that support wastewater companies in meeting their EDM responsibilities, and at the heart of all of these systems is always a reliable, ATEX-certified telemetry data logger. 

For EDM, where data reporting may be required to be as frequent as a 2 minute logging rate, we would recommend building your monitoring solution around our Intelligens WW data logger.


Engineered for Flexibility

Intelligens WW is our truly flexible data logger that can be tailored for a variety of wastewater applications, including EDM. 

Engineered specifically for flexibility, Intelligens WW is compatible with a wide variety of sensors.  For Event Duration Monitoring, our range of radar and ultrasonic sensors are interchangeable making it a cost-effective option for various applications.

With multiple channels available, Intelligens can significantly improve the options for data redundancy.  Pairing a non-contact HWM sensor like SonicSens or RadarSens with a pressure transducer (PT), or similar that is always submerged, provides an alternative source of data which will help guarantee data redundancy and guard against penalties for incomplete data.

Intelligens is compatible with a significant number of third-party sensors (including Vega and Siemens MCERTS level sensors). By installing the Intelligens logger and external interface + power pack (ESIB), you can deploy the most effective sensor combinations for your network in an economical way.


Availability of Data

Intelligens WW has the capacity to support a 2 minute log rate, which makes Intelligens compliant with the EDM requirements set out by the Environment Agency.

An additional feature of Intelligens, that is especially beneficial for EDM, is the ability to dial-in and deliver data every hour.  This function is powered by an additional battery pack, with hourly dial-in supporting communication resilience and delivering the data to power customer-facing platforms.

Gathering accurate data is critical, but so is ensuring that the data is transmitted and received reliably; and you can have confidence in data transfer with Intelligens.  Featuring our fully-roaming modems and replaceable SIMs, Intelligens will automatically locate the strongest possible NB-IoT, or LTE-M signal to securely transmit your data.

Intelligens also includes a 2G fallback that automatically engages should an NBIoT or LTE_M signal not be available for any reason.  This back-up option ensures that your data gets delivered consistently, avoiding data gaps and any resulting financial penalties.


Why Choose HWM?

Delivering consistent EDM data is a necessity for wastewater companies and the systems developed by HWM will ensure the resilience, availability and reliability of this data.  Our robust hardware is built for compatibility, ensuring the data you need can be gathered efficiently, whilst our advanced data transfer will consistently deliver your data, even in challenging conditions.


For more information about Event Duration Monitoring with HWM, please contact your Sales Representative or e-mail [email protected].

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