HWM supports Aqaba Water in reducing pressure-based leakage

HWM supports Aqaba Water in reducing pressure-based leakage, saving 200,000 m3 of water per year


Non-revenue water (NRW) is always a challenge, but in a city like Aqaba, Jordan, which experiences a hot desert climate, it is particularly important to keep under control. In Aqaba this responsibility falls to Aqaba Water, the services company that provides water to over 250,000+ residents and visitors a year.

When investigating non-revenue water, Aqaba Water identified pipe bursts caused by minimum night flow pressure as a major source. On discovering these issues, Aqaba Water was unable to fix them manually, and so turned to HWM for help.

Because Aqaba Water was supplying more water into the system overnight than was being taken from it by residents, pipes were experiencing a build up of pressure that was causing them to burst. To resolve this, HWM recommended Pegasus 2, our sophisticated and highly versatile pressure control system.

Through Pegasus 2, Aqaba Water is able to monitor the pressure at critical points in the network and, where necessary, reduce or increase pressure remotely.

With the capability to set target pressure by time, flow or a combination of both, Pegasus delivers an advanced level of targeted control. All changes can be made remotely, making them immediately effective, which is especially beneficial in an emergency. This also reduces the need for expensive site visits.


By reducing the water pressure, the demand for water is effectively controlled, resulting in a more efficient and sustainable distribution of water. In addition, it leads to a decrease in the number of calls to our customer call center and reduction in the number of burst pipes.

Moreover, it enables us to keep the DMA’s tight and isolated. This is helping to reduce leakage, burst frequency and energy consumption. We have also found out that we can eliminate any by-passes that may compromise the integrity of the network, which can cause inaccurate measurements, unbalanced flows and pressure fluctuations.
Pressure Management Team – Aqaba Water


Aqaba Water installed 22 Pegasus 2 pressure management systems, helping them to control pressure at critical points throughout their network. They anticipate saving 200,000 m3 of water a year through pressure-related leak reduction, ensuring they meet customer demands and reduce customer dissatisfaction.


For more information about Pegasus 2, and to download the datasheet, please click here.

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