Investment in COMlog 2 IS reduces site visits by 10-fold

investment in comlog 2 is sees 10-fold reduction in site visits for southern energy connections


As a provider of meter asset management (MAM) services, quick and reliable access to meter readings is crucial, so when attempting to solve issues regarding power to loggers, Southern Energy Connections (SEC) turned to HWM for help.

It can be problematic to use loggers that are powered through the mains supply, especially as metering kiosks require an ATEX connection to be compliant. This method of power supply often added significant complexities to logger installations, as well as additional costs that SEC wanted to avoid.

To resolve these issues, SEC was searching for ATEX-certified, battery powered data loggers and we
recommended COMlog 2 IS.

An advanced data logger, COMlog 2 IS is ATEX-certified (Zone 0) and is built for compatibility, pairing seamlessly with a wide range of meters and sensors. It is battery powered, meeting SEC’s requirement, with a five-year battery life at typical call-in rates.

COMlog 2 IS also benefits from our advanced modem, which is capable of connecting via NBIoT or LTE-M for low-powered data transmission. Fully roaming, our SIM connects to the strongest network available to deliver data, and can even roam cellular technology generations, so if an NBIoT
signal is not available then the strongest 2G connection is made.

Having data loggers installed that can reliably transmit data has had a significant advantage for SEC. As explained by SEC Managing Director David Wilkie, deployment of COMlog 2 IS has meant that SEC “can provide each of our customers with simple, straightforward access to their meter reads without having to send someone to site. The number of site visits has reduced at least 10-fold, so for example, on 25 meters where we have implemented this technology so far, that’s over 250 site trips that are no longer required”.

Upgrading meter reading technology to COMlog 2 IS has provided significant benefits to Southern  Energy Connections. At HWM, we are pleased to have been able to meet SEC’s requirement and look forward to continuing to do so in the future.

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