DXmic Pro App

DXmic Pro App

The DXmic Pro app is a mobile application that simplifies the process of retrieving and sharing data from DXmic Pro devices.

The app allows users to share site data immediately and efficiently.  Data including audio files and site reports can be sent remotely, removing the need to return to the office.

Measurements and audio recordings taken with the DXmic Pro can now be easily shared via email or our DataGate platform.



The DXmic Pro app requires Bluetooth pairing with a DXmic Pro upgrade, in Android or iOS.  Once connected, data is clearly displayed and can be easily browsed.

GPS location information can be automatically added to the measurement if the DXmic Pro is connected with the app.

Note: The DXmic Pro app is only compatible with the DXmic Pro.  Standard DXmic units will require an upgrade, which can be found by clicking here.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Remote reporting: data can be shared immediately and efficiently, removing the need to travel from site to office
  • Add photos and notes: helps to demonstrate the exact leak position
  • Remote audio sharing: audio files can be used for training, as well as expert assistance at distance
  • Intuitive interface: data is clearly displayed and easy to browse
  • Recording management: download audio data from the DXmic Pro and share easily via email or DataGate upload.  Local audio playback is possible when the data file is present
  • Live geotagging: record the position of a measurement as you take it or manually add a geographical location
  • Accurate location: visualise your measurements on the map; with the ability to modify the location information of your measurements
  • Sharing results: generate a PDF report summarising the measurements and recordings, which can then be shared via email or uploaded to DataGate
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