Intelligens WW

Intelligens WW

Intelligens WW is a truly flexible data logger specifically engineered for the rigours of waste water applications.

Intrinsically safe and built for compatibility, the versatile Intelligens logger can be tailored to meet a variety of specific user needs.

Intelligens WW is safe for use in explosive environments, and as such, is an ideal logging solution in combined sewer overflows, general sewer monitoring, storm drains, storage tanks and flood warning systems.



Intelligens WW is truly flexible, making it the ideal data logger for hazardous utility network applications.  Compatibility with ESI and ESIB accessories means that a variety of different sensors can be deployed.

Intelligens transmits data through an integral modem with GPRS/2G, 4G. LTE-M (Cat-1) and other NBIoT options available.

Intrinsically safe for use in explosive environments (ATEX/IEC Ex Zone 0), Intelligens is designed to be both unsusceptible to corrosion and fully waterproof.

Remote communications and a long-life battery make Intelligens perfectly suited to ‘fit and forget’ applications in remote or hard to access locations.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Certification: certified for use in Zone 0 hazardous areas
  • Two-way communication: unit can be remotely programmed; suitable for ‘fit and forget’ applications
  • Telemetry: NBIoT LTE-based cellular communication standard with fallback 2G capability
  • Flexible sensor integration: Intelligens is compatible with a wide variety of sensors and inputs
  • Online data delivery and viewing: compatible with DataGate and HWM Online
  • Intelligent: unit includes advanced data logging and alarm regimes
  • Long-term monitoring: typical 5+ year battery life
  • Fully waterproof: unit is rated IP68, making it waterproof when submerged
  • Easy maintenance: user replaceable SIM and battery, along with notifications of system health
  • Anti-corrosion: plastic connectors ensure unit is not susceptible to corrosion
  • Upgradable: unit can be configured, and its firmware upgraded, remotely


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