29 Jun 23
New Leaks dashboard added to PermaNET Web
PermaNET Web

Turning data into insights and decisions: ‘New Leaks’ dashboard created to support investigation and prioritisation


When designing our updated cloud-based DataGate server, we were driven to deliver and maintain a smooth user experience.  It was always our intention that, after DataGate was launched, we would add additional features and tools that further support our customers in making evidenced-based decisions.

As such, we are pleased to launch the first of many new features; a New Leaks dashboard that has been added to PermaNET Web.

The New Leaks dashboard provides an up-to-date list of PermaNET loggers in your network that are currently in leak alarm, as well as loggers that have gone into alarm in the last 24, 48 and 72 hours.


For each alarming logger the dashboard reports:

  • Site ID
  • Site Address
  • DMA
  • Logger Serial Number
  • Leak Duration
  • LNS value pre-leak
  • Latest LNS value
  • Date and Time the data was last received
  • Logger Mode
  • Sound File
  • Sound File Frequency Graph
  • Logger Location with GIS information (if available), and
  • Last Note


We have built the New Leaks dashboard in consultation with our customers, gathering the key data required to prioritise both leak investigation and repair scheduling to be neatly displayed all together in one convenient panel.

The dashboard contains summary graphical information to quickly provide top-level leak data which can be drilled into for site specific information.

For convenience, a New Leaks report can be downloaded as a PDF or a .CSV file directly from PermaNET Web and can also be scheduled to be e-mailed to multiple e-mail addresses.


New Leaks is the first example of our commitment to improving our customers user experience.  DataGate was upgraded in part to enable the faster development of the system and to provide more rapid upgrades because of user feedback.

We are constantly working on updates and developments that will support our customers and you can look forward to many more to come over the coming months.


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